Am I’m Changing My Mind About This?

The quality of the DCEU movies has been on a downward trend since the very beginning.

It’s not a steady drop but their peaks are getting consistently lower and their valleys are getting deeper and deeper, with Mustache League being the absolute nadir:

  • Man Of Steel (3/5)
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn Of… I’m not writing that (1.5/5)
  • Wonder Woman (2.5/5)
  • Justice League (1/5)

So, if the pattern holds steady then Aquaman should be 2/5 and whatever comes next (Shazam?) will be 0.5/5.

Still, the CGI looks a hell of a lot better than anything in the last 4 movies and — this could be the game changer — there is just one person in the above-the-line talent that was involved with any of the previous DCEU films.

And he is only getting a story credit.

Producers, director, writers have all been replaced. Synder’s influence and Whedon’s brilliant sabotage have been all but erased from the process. Which based on the previous movies can only be a good thing. Right?

Anyway, there is not much new here in this minute-long TV spot except a big ass explosion and Aquaman punching Black Manta in the side of the head.

BAE. Looks fuzzy for some reason. Even at alleged 1080. I will repost WB version when it drops.

Wait a minute… this guy can lift submarines. His blows should be putting Black Manta into orbit instead of being shrugged off. Right?

Sigh. Check it out for yourself:

Aquaman surfaces in theaters on December 21st.