Coming late in October is the next installment in the story of Rowan Atkinson’s creation, Johnny English.

Blending the spy genre with the kind of slapstick that Rowan created with his character Mr. Bean, Johnny English Strikes Again should provide many laughs for those who’ve enjoyed his past releases.

Reprising some of the classic scenes from the James Bond franchise, Rowan indulges his love of fast cars and beautiful women in scenic locations.

For myself I’ve enjoyed all of Rowan Atkinson’s outings as Johnny, although I admit to a little frustration with the character.

I’m unable to decide if he’s meant to be a truly incompetent spy, who just happens to be incredibly lucky, or a spy with some degree of competence, but with an inflated sense of his own ego, and who is incredibly unfortunate at times.

Perhaps, if Rowan Atkinson was asked which type Johnny English is, he would simply reply, “Yes”.