The first thirty seconds of this trailer had me thinking it’s going to be one of those Office Space day-on-the-job comedies except about libraries and librarians. 

Emilio Estevez has been there before with Men At Work, so that might be funny.

Unfortunately, The Public is actually some kind of protest movie in the vein of the ultimately forgivable John Q or the unrepentantly vile Norma Rae

From the Wikipedia synopsis:

After learning that emergency shelters are at full capacity when a brutal Midwestern cold front makes its way to Cincinnati, Ohio, a large group of homeless library patrons led by Jackson refuse to leave the downtown public library at closing time.

Jackson is naturally played by Michael K. Williams. Alec Baldwin, Jeffery Wright and Christian Slater fill out the AA all-star cast.

The only question here is whether Omar Jackson will poetically make a moral equivalence between Estevez’s librarian and himself.

“You got the bathroom key, I got the piss bottle. All in the game though, right?”

The Public arrives in limited theaters on April 5th, 2019.