You Look Like The Perfect Fit

Another PTA scene. This time the ending to Magnolia, which is one of the legitimately great things that mankind has produced.

This scene right here is the whole point of the movie.

Officer Jim visits cocaine addict Claudia, who he loves for no other reason than having met her once. 

Let’s be fair, we would all love her — she’s a beautiful angel put here just for us.

We can’t really hear what he says to her. 

He visits her in rehab. Watch her face. Watch her face the whole time.

And that’s the end of the movie. Cut to credits.


Already a great scene in a great movie.

Now Let’s Mix In The Dialogue

Officer Jim Kurring

I just wanted to come here…
to come here and say something…
say something important, something that you said.
You said we should say things and do things.

Not lie, not keep things back…
these sorts of things that tear people up.
Well, I’m gonna do that.

I’m gonna do what you said, Claudia.
I can’t let this go. I can’t let you go.
Now, you… You listen to me now.

You’re a good person.

You’re a good and beautiful person…
and I won’t let you walk out on me.

And I won’t let you say those things…
those things about how stupid you are
and this and that.

I won’t stand for that.
You want to be with me…
then you be with me.

You see?

Now Watch It Again

With that in your mind.

You See?

1999. Universal forgiveness. Universal acceptance. 

1999 PTA was operating on a level that we can barely comprehend in current year.

And we’re going to watch some retarded Star Wars?

Everyone is very angry.

We could sure use some PTA right now.