The Cruise Line Is Back!

No phones here. Our resident hero is at it again and the stakes are higher than ever before. We’re talking PARIS HILTON on QUAALUDES high.

Drama! Consequences!

Written, directed and produced by the man himself, Christopher McQuarrie (MI: Rogue Nation, The Usual Suspects), this trailer is ass kicking.

Violent… and good enough.

As the saga of Ethan Hunt continues it’s becoming clear that these movies are not for a new audience. This is for the fans, and that’s my kind of project.

Give me Cruise as Hunt before 98% of the crap passing for a blockbuster these days and I’m happy. Rogue Nation was fun, not the worst MI by far and still worthy of the ticket price.

Guaranteed Ass-in-Seat. (Did I miss any Cruise insider jokes? Please, don’t let me know.)