A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about The Forests Of Leng, a fake Dungeons & Dragons manual shown in episode two of this season’s True Detective.

Unfortunately, only the spine of the book was clearly seen with the cover being intentionally obscured. 

Now, for the first time, I can reveal the actual cover.

Behold, The Forests of Leng!

“… from Pangreenia to Florantopolis, from mystical Troonia to spectral Forests to Schruborial dimensions. expansive lands of mystery are presented to players.”

Fucking wizard, Ani.

As most of you will instantly recognize, the cover art for The Forests of Leng bears more than a passing similarity to the cover art from The Palace Of The Silver Princess, an adventure for four to six characters of levels 1-3.

Hold Fast, There’s More!

In addition to The Forests Of Leng cover, I’ve been shown secret knowledge of another Dungeons & Dragons manual, as yet unseen on True Detective.

I give you Labyrinth Of The Leviathans:

According to the artist Juan Moore, he provided the paintings and the art direction for the Leng cover, which was specifically a wooded area with a cave as it relates to the plot of the show. 

You can check out some of Mr. Moore’s art on his Instagram or on his personal website.

He does some pretty interesting stuff.

One Of You Must Do This

Someone, someone less busy than me, needs to take these two fake manuals and create some adventures out of them. Mix in some Lovecraft and Manual Of The Planes.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna be over here working on my homebrew module:

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