Say It Ain’t So!

On this sad day of May 4th in 1975, Moses Horowitz, better known to the world as Moe Howard, slipped off this mortal coil and became one with the ages.

Moe Howard Three Stooges
RIP chowder head

Starting in 1930 and continuing for the next 40 years, Moses, along with his two brothers Jerome and Schmool and his neighbor Louis Feinberg, were responsible for shaping the sense of humor of people all over the world. Throughout the course of their 220 films, the Three Stooges perfected the art of slapstick, tapping into something primal in all of us: the age-old urge to stick someone’s head in a vice to emphasize a point.

Three Stooges Vise

If we can take only one small thing from the death of Moe, I hope it is that we come to realize that life is just so, so fleeting. So please, today, go home to your loved ones; stop by and see your mom. Take them aside and then poke them in the eye.

It’s what Moe would have wanted.

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