Holy #$%^, I Love Dragon Ball Z Now!

I don’t know anything about Dragon Ball Z. I thought it was kind of like Pokemon, you know, something silly for kids with binders full of playing cards.

But, apparently, I was wrong. It’s actually binders full of women.

A movie called Dragon Ball Z Broy is premiering soon and it’s going to yuge in Brazil.


And there are literally dozens — if not hundreds — of more photos of young Rio women posing at this one theater. 

What Is Going On With Brazil Women?

I don’t know much about the place outside of being told that they also recently elected a Literal Hitler. I have no clue what is up with the girls down there.

But I know someone who can get us some intel. Gib?

Brazilian ladies… come on… Brazilian ladyboys? NO! Come on… come on… Brazilian women!

Brazilian Women

  • 62% European, 21% African, 17% Native American. Wow, something for everyone!
  • 75% of Brazilian women adore soccer. Look, the Brit-Bongs are happy!
  • 80 percent of college-graduates aspire to top-level corporate jobs. 52% of American women do.
  • 69% help for taking care of elderly relatives, compared with 48%  in the U.S.
  • Average height: 5′ 3 1/2″ (161.1 cm). Average non-Hispanic white woman: 5′ 5″ (164.9 cm)
  • Average weight: 137.8 lb (62.5 kg).  Here in The States, it’s 168.4 lb (76.4 kg) USA ftw  😐 
  • 64.3% are between 18 and 35 compared to 45% in the United States.
  • 20% get pregnant before the age of 20. 
  • I could get into some more sexual data but FG is a family site. However, I will say this: Yes, it’s true. All of it!
  • Obesity rate around 18%. But this is mainly in the north and central part of the country.
  • In the south, there is a very high percentage of women with the Hourglass, Spoon and Bottom Hourglass body shape.

What Is “Bottom Hourglass”, Sensei?





It was as if thousands of Goblins suddenly cried out and started paying attention…

How May One Journey To Such A Paradise?

So, it’s cheap to get there, it’s cheap to stay there and the women sound pretty awesome.

Is there anything else you can do to convince me, Mr. Prince?

Or You Can Just Stay Home In Utopia Zootopia


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