A Jedi Could, On One Day

Cinema’s most perfect representation of innocence, optimism, heroism, and kindness.

Was transformed to this sullen, cynical, disheveled, surely, unlikable fucking asshole:

Not Again

The measuring stick for all science fiction spaceships, the most iconic and perfect design ever conceived, period.

Created by actual aeronautic engineers who worked with NASA and the US Military designing aircraft for the space race.

Was made into this clunky thing complete with potato peeler pylons, designed to look modern and cool brought to you by millennial dipshits who aren’t actual aeronautic engineers.

Probably excellent with CG animation programs and video games though.

Are You Serious?

This is Han Solo, and Indiana Jones with arguably the most legendary roguish charisma to ever grace the silver screen to give Sean Connery a run for his money.

A one of a kind, statuesque actor, tall and oozing natural charisma, the iconic space pirate.

This is a fucking midget, barely 5ft 7” with forced charisma. A good actor but not a Han Solo, not even a decent mini Han Solo.

The two greatest, most heroic fictional characters ever to grace the small or silver screen.

Friends, perfect compliments to one another’s intellectual prowess, temperament and personalities, Robin Hood and Little John, Arthur and Merlin, greatness, swashbucklers, thinkers, beloved

A block of wood playing his interpretation of Han Solo Kirk, badly. And another guy who does a pretty good job with terrible material.

Do You See?

So how did we get to the point where Star Wars sucks and modern Star Trek is teetering in the shitter, and the studios actively and with extreme hostility, bash and ridicule its fans who care about the history and quality of their beloved franchises moving forward.

Use SJW false narratives and a gleeful SJW socialist media to call movie goers fascists, racists, sexists, and other “ists” to explain away moviegoers dissatisfaction with their products in comparison with the iconic counterparts that came before. 

These people aren’t stupid, you may not like them or their methods and think them quite insane to be heaping abuse upon you, their consumers. They are smart and they poll test every aspect of your lives down to the audience time on the shitter.

So what is the method to their apparent madness?

Well, for one, maybe they know huge portions of the fans bitching about the product and those behind it will happily line up to give them their money anyway because they are dumbasses.

Yes, you’d better just admit it, you’re a bunch of fucking dumbasses who keep giving these people your stacks of cash while to your mind they cornhole you and your childhood memories to extinction.

So you’re also sadomasochists. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for taking a bold stand and skipping the shitty Ghostbusters reboot while you stand in line for an hour and pay $15 bucks to see the next exploit of Rey, Finn and a fat, crotchety, drunken looking Mark Hamill. 

You see they have an agenda, and that’s to destroy and minimalise that which came before so they can market the new stuff to the new consumer millennial generation brought up to think the past trite, boring and that their parents narrowminded racist, capitalist monsters.

Why do you think R2 and 3PO were unused background props as JJ unveiled his new improved R2 for millennials. I can see the fact that they wanted to hide Carrie Fisher’s “condition” and limit her screen time, but two iconic fucking robots that are covered in plastic and don’t look old nor cracked out? Why were they shelved for new models? Why do you think?

It’s all about merch dummies

Deconstructing your heroes is all part of the plan. Just like today’s media-political complex machine out to turn over our evil racist constitution, make reparations and universal income law and force everyone but themselves, the new media entertainment elite, into socialism.

It’s all about control and the mass marketing of every aspect of life.

And that my friends is some pretty evil shit. You see Star Wars and Star Trek were our most beloved American mythos until they sought out to destroy them and rebuild them into a means to control you and future generations. The ultimate candy bar bait from a pedo to a child.

The studio and the liberal media are behind this shit, propaganda very much like,..

You’re the problem! You’re toxic, you’re a racist, you’re intolerant, you’re stupid for voting for someone we don’t want, you’re subhuman Juden!

All the same shit that let to a night of shattered glass and bodies that happened the night of Nov 9, 1938, in Germany.

Are you fucking kidding me

Sure, Hollywood, the liberal media elite, have always been in cahoots to a certain extent to manipulate and control thought.

From the Leni Riefenstahl to the 1950s “Mad Men” era of early media/corporate marketing.

But now they don’t even hide the fact that they’re Socialists, Pedos, casting couch sex traffickers, addicts, and hateful to anyone who dares offer a discerning opinion.

Further Big media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party are one and the same and they aren’t shy about shoving it down our throats at every turn. Call it bullying, call it brainwashing, call it whatever the fuck you want, but one thing is for sure, it’s hideously evil and most of you assholes reading this continue to give them the money to fund it.

The 1930’s version of today’s Hollywood-media elite-Democratic Socialist triumpharite

This weekend as I write this, the entire crestfallen socialist news media and Hollywood elite actually cried (literally) on air because a treasonous coup de tat failed against a democratically elected President of the United States.

One of their greatest Liberal icons actually said that Michael Jackson’s “alleged” drugged and raped pedophilia victims loved being there and that Jackson was entitled to these “alleged” twisted evil sexual cravings with boys.

What The Fuck? We live in a world where these things happened on tv for the world to see and were treated as normality? Again What in the wide world of fuck is wrong with our nation that these malignant treasonous, Commie, pedo supporting fucks aren’t crushed into oblivion? Worse how do they maintain significant power? How are these the people in charge of the reboot and continuing sagas of what we grew up with? How in the fuck did the nation gleefully line up to let them publicly execute Star Trek and Star Wars

Why aren’t they on Devils Fucking Island? 

Keep giving them your money assholes
And we’ll never see the like of these moments on the screen again