E-Bob's Noodle Art of Megatron Top Ten

hey gang! ebob junior here with a little some thing for every body… a top ten list! you all know who MEGATRON from tramformers is hes the evil leader of the decepticons but what makes him the best villian in flims today? lets count them down!

10. MEGATRON is a giant. he can crush poeple like my little brother shaub crushes bugs

9. MEGATRON can turn in to a dinosaur. not just any dinosaur a tyranoceros rex

8. MEGATRON can turn in to a jet. he all ways has the higher ground

7. MEGATRON can turn in to a tank. tanks have huge cannons look out autobots!

6. MEGATRON can turn in to a gun. dont ask me how he gets so small im not a scientist

5. MEGATRON fought spider man. hes not afraid of any thing not even super heroes

4. MEGATRON doesnt take shit from star scream. no body under mines his authority

3. MEGATRON best friend is sound wave. how does he fit so many guys in side him??

2. MEGATRON doesnt die he just comes back as glavatron. fun fact did you know leonard nimroy was the voice of both glavatron AND sentinel prime? its true you can check imdb dot com if you dont be leave me.

1. MEGATRON killed OPOTAMUS PRIME. lets see kylo ren do that!

keep it cool,

ebob junior