He Is Back!

Edward Furlong is reprising his role as John Connor in the new Terminator: Dark Fate.

Now, according to Bloody Disgusting sources, they’re going to repeat a similar approach to that of Rogue One’s Tarkin and Leia, allowing the georeferencing of a similarly built actor blended with a facial mo-cap sequence:

“We won’t be seeing an adult version of Furlong’s John Connor in Dark Fate, at least not in the most recent cut of the film. My source tells me that yes, Jude Collie was in fact cast to play a young John Connor and that CGI was used to put Furlong’s face on his body. While Furlong isn’t physically in Dark Fate, he does deliver a brand new performance that’s been digitally placed directly onto Collie’s face. So, yes, Furlong is technically in Dark Fate, just not exactly how we all expected.”

Franchise creator and executive director James Cameron confirmed not only the casting news but it was also confirmed the film’s R-rating during yesterday’s panel at San Diego’s Comic-Co.

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Terminator: Dark Fate also sees the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800.

Arnie took the time to hit the Twitter:

Fans in Hall H were then treated to the following featurette:

Director Tim Miller revealed more about what to expect from the new film, giving an update on the film’s plot and new characters – Grace (MacKenzie Davis) and Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna).

“There’s this new future because of what Sarah did at the end of Terminator 2, and it’s worse than ever. And that gives us the opportunity for these new characters. Gabriel comes from something that is not Skynet, but it’s like Skynet. And Mackenzie comes from something that Kyle Reese and the Resistance did.

“I tried to keep Gabriel a bit grounded while still interesting. I feel his new weapons and abilities are right for our times but not so ridiculous that it just turns into a visual effects superfest. And the same with Mackenzie’s character — I really liked her origin story. We did an early writer’s room and Joe Abercrombie came up with her as this super-soldier from the future.”

And regarding that R-rating Miller added:

“The DNA of Terminator is an R-rated f**kin’ movie”

Terminator: Dark Fate will hit theaters Nov. 1.