Full Circle

In the 90s, I made fun of the 80s.

Now in the 20s, I cast off the 90s and miss the 80s.

There was arguably more creativity and passion 40 years ago than today. And it shows.

Swiss surrealist, and my personal favorite artist, H. R. Giger was involved in bringing cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s vision of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune to life on the big screen, which can be seen in the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune

Of course this never happened, and David Lynch was brought in to take the reins.

For the uninitiated to the Dune universe, or even the casual fan, I cannot recommend viewing this documentary enough. The passion Jodorowsky felt for his craft, and the team of creative minds he surrounded himself with brings a tear to my eye.

I Love Those Crazy Asians

Giger was hired by Japanese electronic company Pioneer in 1985 to help provide visuals to promote their new Zone system in the form of prints and a television commercial. 

It seems highly probable that what follows was salvaged from the film we will never see. And fairly clear the good folks at Pioneer Japan appreciate an artist of Giger’s caliber. 

Giger on the Harkonnen Castle:

“The castle itself, a symbol of intemperance, exploitation, aggression and brutality with a magical aura which has a negative effect on all the inhabitants, is egg-shaped and mostly burned in the ground. Like an iceberg which shows only a tenth of its volume, Harkonnen hides its evil deep inside.”

Stay tune to Film Goblin for full coverage of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, which is set to hopefully release in December 2020.