Hungry Horace Joins Me At The Movies

So, tonight we’ve watched…

Black Mountain Side


“Poster and premise looked sweet for Lovecraft-inspired B-Movie Black Mountain Side. Northern Canadians uncover some old relic simultaneously summoning an Elder God. Not great, but it has a few decent moments. 2/5 from me.”

Hungry Horace:

“Poster was interesting and had high hopes when I saw it was Lovecraft inspired. Unfortunately, I thought it was a Kickstarter film, bad acting, no music and an antagonist which was a puppet with a gravelly voice. Good attempt for a student film but preferred The Last Lovecraft: Relic Of Cthulhu.”

After reading Kenny Starfighters review, next up was…



“Pretty decent Sci-Fi B Movie, hints of Total Recall, RoboCop and The Terminator as Cyborgs attempt to replace humankind. Plenty of BIG guns, short skirts, explosions, and practical effects. Nice one Kenny, solid 2.5/5.”

Hungry Horace:

“Not a bad film for the cheapness. Obviously a film of the 80’s taking inspiration from The Terminator and Predator, even a little Aliens. Tom Jane was in this film in small part. A lot of action and over the top firefights. The main actor had the action moves of Van Damme but the acting and delivery skills of Tommy Wiseau and that’s not a compliment.”

There might be another review coming soon!