What Good Do You Do?

It’s your life. But we’re out here fighting the battle of the age against the most nefarious forces that have ever existed.

What Are You Doing Anyway?

I mean, the next song I am going to play after this is a Judas Priest song about getting revenge.

Revenge is pretty uncool. But if we convince people that our ideas are better than there is no need for vengeance.


We can just have fun. Gnomseyen?

But think about it for a minute. Is that you? Maybe it’s not for you…

Do You Even Want To Have Fun?

Maybe you don’t want to fight evil?

But maybe you do. What else are you doing that is so special?

Ask Yourself:

  1. Do I hate this troll so much I can’t get in the fight?
  2. What can I write or produce to attack the power structure that exists to only lie?
  3. If I can’t write or produce, what can I do to help fight the lies and the shilling that distorts the minds of people?

Are You Ready To Fight The Forces Of Evil?

Because I am. And I’m not stopping. Come with me.

We might not win but it will be a hell of a story.