The Game Is Rigged

While you people have been busy sleeping, cooming and consooming, I’ve been down all the deep crevasses of the web to figure out what is happooning behind the curtain.

I’ve completed my analysis and come back with some bad news. 

You never had a chance because you never even understood what the game was.

There really are forces operating outside of your sight and knowledge making all the decisions that will end up controlling and influencing your life.

I know, once you are aware of it, it can seem pretty overwhelming.

But don’t despair, for I am here with memes that will explain how it all works!

And then you will do what you’ve been avoiding your whole life.

That’s right — get ripped.

And get ready!

Let Us Begin With Where We Are

Remember The World They Want Back



The spawn of Soros

But There Were Some Who Resisted

There Were Those Who Tried To Warn Us

But in the end, life is just going right back to the way it was.

Because you just wanted to consoooooom.

Your Obligatory Weather Witch Meme

Your Obligatory Star Wars Meme

Your Obligatory Sexualized Star Wars Meme

Your Obligatory Marvel Meme

Your Obligatory Sexualized Marvel Meme

Your Obligatory DC Meme

Your “Who Is My Son & What Does He Do?” Meme

Just Haley Atwood Signing Autographs

Now Get Back to Your Streams, Vids & Porn