Sam Raimi is heading back to the Marvel universe.

The director, who helped usher in Hollywood’s superhero obsession with 2002’s Spider-Man, is in talks to finalize a deal with Marvel to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel parted with the film’s previous director Scott Derrickson over “creative differences” a month ago, which opened the door for Raimi to come on board.

The Doctor Strange sequel is said to incorporate elements of horror into the franchise, so having the director behind such films as Evil Dead and Drag Me To Hell behind the camera was probably a big plus when the studio was searching for a new director.

Though Raimi has a strong visual style and likes to play around with the camera, how much input he will actually have in the film is questionable.

Marvel has a process they like to use when making their films and doesn’t like to go off the reservation when constructing their scripts. It’s unlikely they are going to let Raimi start tinkering with the film and let him put his stamp on things. You will not be getting a Sam Raimi version of Doctor Strange, rather just another film coming out of the Marvel factory with his name on it.

That being said, having him direct Doctor Strange is still a good move for Marvel, though the last comic book movie he made where he just directed what was put in front of him was Spider-Man 3 and how did that go?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness starts shooting this May.