The Well is Endless, Dark and Deep…

From the seemingly endless well of “Things No One Was Crying Out to be Remade/Reimagined” comes the second go around by Sony Pictures Television at making the film, St. Elmo’s Fire, into a needlessly long-running, sure-to-be-episodic, streaming, television show.

For those of you who have forgotten, St. Elmo’s Fire was one of those long-winded, hyperbolic, over-the-top, romantic/coming of age films that tent-poled the entire 1980’s along with action-adventure films, buddy-cop films, and whatever Steven Spielberg was pumping out at the time.

The cast of the film St. Elmo’s Fire included Emilio Estevez (younger brother of Charlie Sheen and son of Martin Sheen), Ally Sheedy, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, and Demi Moore (before she met Bruce Willis—or Ashton Kutcher). They were known as the “Brat Pack” due to their film chemistry and off the set antics.

Directed and written by Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever, Tigerland, 8MM) the film featured the fresh-faced cast struggling with remarkable, 1980’s things like life, adulthood, and those things people don’t have anymore… like careers.

Josh Berman, who was responsible for Drop Dead Diva and The Mob Doctor is attached to write the script and show run on this film’s needless return as a television series.

Will This Work…

I guess this thing will work in 2019, what with similarities between the cast of the 1980s and the young, fresh-faced Generation Z, YouTube celebrities of today, who are looking to be catapulted from the obscurity of the Internet to the obscurity of streaming network television.

However, Sony Pictures Television tried to launch this film to television concept ten years ago with Topher (DON’T call him Christopher) Grace producing along with Schumacher.

That fell flat on its face.

But, in the event that this actually works, maybe we’ll have a redux of this:

I can see a new horizon.

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Can you?