Well, This Is One Way To Do It

We all know that Kristen Wiig will be playing Diana’s wine-pal-cum-nemesis in Wonder Woman 1984 but thus far we’ve only seen her outside of Cheetah mode.

First, as a nerdy neighbor or work colleague to Wonder Woman:

“Can we open another box?”

Then, after she gets her wish of being a hot POA granted by The Mandalorian:

Would absolutely open that box. 

Now, courtesy of some more school supplies from Brazil, we have a glimpse of Wiig in full Cat Lady battle rattle:

Still would.

Man, they really went full feline. I feel like I need to listen to some Def Leppard, absolutely no pun intended at all. That’s the vibe I’m getting from this photo.

“And I want… and I need… and I lust… animal…”

Maybe that’s the effect they are going for?

In any case, it’s pretty close to some of the looks from the comic:

Not seeing much fur on her, though

Will Wonder Woman 1984 be the first comic book movie where a female hero takes on a female villain? Did this happen in Halle Berry’s Catwoman?

More importantly, if a female hero isn’t beating up a man, is it really feminism?

Obviously, no.

Therefore, Wonder Woman will team up with Cheetah to fight The Mandalorian.

I guarantee it