Mhatt’s Infinite Playlist Grows Smaller

The Boys (Amazon)

I’m 5 of 8 episodes into it and am generally enjoying it.

It’s a cool and kind of realistic look at a world where superheroes are myriad and exist in various levels of the social strata. The standout here is Karl Urban who’s Billy Butcher is such a fine use of his talents.

He’s charismatic, mean, funny, hard, driven and weirdly sensitive.

He runs the gang of misfits known as The Boys who are hoping to hold some high-level hero’s to account for some very unheroic behaviours (cough) rape, murder, bestiality, etc (cough, cough).

I am admittedly drawing it out a bit because it’s a bit sad, a bit heavy and a bit too short on episodes. Luckily, as far I have heard, Season 2 is right around the corner.

4 out 5 Bottles of V

Avengers: End Game (Disney+)

Do you want to hear about desperation?

I signed up for Disney+. Top that please!

To be fair and also to continue to justify your esteem of my fine ass, I only signed up for a free week and, in all honesty, I don’t think it could even justify a full subscription.

Yeah, there is tonne’s of content but as a 40 something-year-old, I’ve either seen it all enough or don’t have the interest in say, catching up on the last 15 seasons of The Simpsons.

I watched one episode from a recent season starring the guys from The Flight of the Conchords, who I enjoy, but found it was all more of the same. Plus the animation has gotten really lazy.

But I digress… back to Endgame.

I watched this in theatres and didn’t’ really enjoy it.

It was about 45 minutes too long and I found Bruce Hulk pretty off-putting and for some reason was really bothered by Black Widow’s multi-colored hair… I don’t have any idea why as I have no investment in that character.

Also, speaking of hair… I get you were playing an edgier version of yourself but damn Jeremy Renner, you need less attention drawn to that mug of yours. A stylized mask would have been a better choice.

But I digress again… this time around I enjoyed it much more because I knew what I was in for.

The plot was well written and engaging and it entertained me for three solid hours even with the tacked-on endings. I also spotted Howard The Duck coming through the portal at the end.

I maintain Thanos is one of the best-portrayed villains in moviedom and my hat is off to Josh Brolin for crafting such a calmly menacing character.

Also, way to continue to deliver Russo Brothers. I loved you on Community.

4.5 out of 6 Infinity Stones

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (DVD)

Alrighty, so I bought this DVD from Walmart as part of an 8 movie collection for $25 Canadian which included all the non-prequel crap ergo good Alien movies plus the two Predator movies plus AVP 1 & 2.

This should wash any taste of pretension away from my previous Lockdown List, yeah?

Anywho, so I understand I am in the minority in that I really enjoyed the first Alien Vs. Predator.

It was fun, had cool action and expanded the mythology while quietly filling in a bit of the back story of the two species while not interfering in the narrative. It must have pleased enough of the right people that a sequel was greenlit and so Requiem was begun.

I don’t know the full story behind the production but do know they were working with a smaller budget and subsequently a smaller story that could have worked.

The creatures, what we could see of them looked good.

The Alpha Predator was ultra badass as was the fully grown Pred-Alien hybrid who popped up at the end of the first movie.

NECA Officially Announces The Ultimate Alpha Predator! - AvPGalaxy

I didn’t mind the small-town setting and even the acting was decent, the space ship special effects were wanting but cool and we even got a look at the Predators’ home planet which was interesting.

My biggest complaint with the movie was I couldn’t see a damn thing.

The lighting was so dark during most of the earthbound action scenes that I couldn’t make out anything besides the odd flash here and there. I even tried turning up the brightness on my t.v. to no avail so I ended up turning it off in frustration.

I had watched it before, so I know it doesn’t improve.

Note to self: Memory does serve now and then. It is fitting this killed off the cross-over movies for these franchises for now but I am sure it will be revisited at some point. If so, please hire a good lighting department.

The greatest disappointment here is the wasted potential.

2.5 generous stars out of 5