According to Jon Favreau’s Facebook and Instagram pages, the title of the first live-action Star Wars television show will be The Mandalorian.

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Well, that sounds like some kind of “Mandalorian With No Name” type of situation right there. Which could be cool, I guess, but it has also got me thinkin’…

Makes no damn sense. It’s got to be a fake out.

Does anyone here remember Return Of The Jedi? What 3PO said about the Sarlac?

In its belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a …thousand years.

Now maybe that’s just something Jabba liked to say to all of his soon-to-be-executed prisoners to get them pissing their pants but let’s assume for a second that it’s true.

Slow Digestion + Body Armor + Jet Pack = Boba’s Alive!

That’s the only explanation that I and millions of other Star Wars fans would ever need.

So, this stuff about “another warrior” is either a ruse or someone at Lucasfilm decides to do what a lot of people have been asking for: get the hell away from the entire film mythos and try something new.

But I just don’t see Kathleen — the beneficent, the merciful — throwing away that much cachet and nostalgia to roll the dice with an entirely new character wearing that same armor. Or even a recycled character from the EU or cartoons.

Unless they think that fanboys are so dumb that they just liked the armor? Even I don’t think fanboys are that dumb.

So what’s the play here? Disney is gone to spend $100M on a flagship program for its new streaming platform about a character that no casual ever heard of?

This isn’t Star Trek, right?

Unless… oh no… no…

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