Where To Begin?

Here at Film Goblin, we’ve repeatedly thrown dirt on the grave of Star Wars, only for it to rise again in some grotesquely unnatural, reanimated version which, to our disappointment, is celebrated by the fandom as “Star Wars being back.”

It just won’t fucking die. 

Well, at least we were right about it dying as a Tier-One cinematic brand.

What the franchise has become is just another fulcrum of influence for the politically illiterate and morally devoid to use against their enemy — meaning us. 

Exhibit 1138 

From StarWars.com:

A new collection of gender neutral children’s clothing looks like something that might have originated in the mind of Sabine Wren. Basics are elevated with some inspiration from street art style and the unmistakable images of Star Wars symbols, as well as heroes and villains in the new Star Wars x nununu line.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

I don’t get it. The girl is in a skirt and the boy is in pants. 

How is this “gender-neutral”? Because it’s black?

Star Wars x nununu line

Will The Children Fight Back?

“Fulfill your destiny?”

By doing what? Taking hormone blockers? 

Or maybe you’ll fulfill your destiny by killing your parents?

A trans child is like a vegan cat - Imgur

Don’t be surprised when the shit comes back to bite you, mommy.

With a fucking shotgun.

OK, We’re Calling It Again

I don’t know how any man with a family or a set of balls or a soul can continue to support anything about Star Wars by Disney™.

Star Wars is finally finito!

Over like rover!

Done-E, sonny!

That’s a Rap City: The Basement!

Until That Day Then:

  • Open your place of business
  • Dismount your vehicle only when armed
  • Go maskless in public
  • Refuse compliance with any unconstitutional laws
  • Livestream all your human interactions to Dead Man Switch video storage
  • Never let them give you a needle

If you can read this, you are the Resistance