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JOKER All Smiles As He Gets To Work

Joaquin Phoenix Finally Gears Up To Play Joker As DC Films gears up for production on its upcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, the actor...

DC Adds Alec Baldwin To JOKER Movie

That Joker Movie You Definitely Need Has Such A Good Cast According to Deadline, Alec Baldwin could be taking on the role of Thomas Wayne...
The Untouchables

Queue In Review: THE UNTOUCHABLES On Amazon Prime

David Mamet deftly uses archetypal characters and borderline-corny dialogue to tell the tale of the downfall of Al Capone in his 1987 movie The...

Robert De Niro In Talks For The JOKER Movie

He Will Play A Failed 80s Stand-up Comic Robert De Niro is in negotiations for the upcoming Joker origin story. This news, as well as...

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