Why Is Hastings Looking So Shifty?

Line Of Duty, the BBC cop drama starring Martin Compston, is soon to return to screens with a new run of episodes.


The BBC has dropped a legit trailer for the fifth season of Jed Mercurio’s acclaimed thriller about police anti-corruption unit, AC-12. This is one of the best drama’s Auntie has had on it’s books since Spooks (or MI:5) way back when.

Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), Steve Arnott (Compston) and Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) all return and this season they will be targetting John Corbett (the awesome Stephen Graham), who will be AC-12’s newest POI.

AC-12 target, John Corbett (Stephen Graham)

Show creator Mercurio said of the new season:

“We break fresh ground in this series. We’ve had these shadowy figures, “the Balaclava Men”, who are part of an organised crime group and have featured on and off all through the previous four seasons. But we’ve never really gone behind the mask and identified them as proper characters and found out about them.”

Here’s the trailer:

The end of last season saw the network of bent coppers revealed itself to be larger and more complex than AC-12 could imagine, before realising they had merely scratched the surface of police corruption.

AC-12’s Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston)

Hopefully this season, we finally get to find out who the hell “H” is!



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