You Have To Admit…

…the concept is interesting. No?

A virus has decimated humankind. Those who survived emerged blind.

The Apple TV+ drama See is set 600 years after a “viral apocalypse” has left its mark on humans in the form of perpetual blindness. Most of society has devolved to tribalism, but the birth of twins changes everything.

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See has a solid creative side with writer Steven Knight (Peaky BlindersTaboo) and director Frances Lawrence (Red SparrowWater for Elephants), and starring Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Stargate: Atlantis) with Alfre Woodard (The Lion KingJuanita).

A first look featurette just dropped by Apple, expands on the setting and let’s blind consultant Jay Strechay(DaredevilThe OA) remind us that blind people can act too, damn it!

I would give See a chance given its unique concept and Knight’s writing.

Unfortunately, I’d have to scale the Apple pay-wall to do it, so yeah. 

For those of you willing to see, See‘s 8 episode season drops November 1, 2019 only on AppleTV+.