Recut By The Studio To Prove It’s A Christmas Film

20th Century Fox has recut and released a trailer for John McTiernan’s 1988 hit Die Hard.

The reason? To finally settle the debate over the past decade whether it can be considered a Christmas film or not.

They’ve even created a new tagline :

“The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told”

Here’s the festive trailer:

The updated synopsis reads:

“A man who just wants to spend Christmas with his family.”
“This Christmas get ready to jingle some bells and deck the halls with bows of…”

…. shortly before we see McClane calling the wife of his name Holly.

The movie’s screenwriter, Steven de Souza weighed in with this tweet:

According to the star, Bruce Willis, it’s definitely not a Christmas movie. Speaking on The Comedy Roast Of Bruce Willis recently, he declared:

Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.”

What do you guys reckon, can Die Hard be considered a bonafide Christmas movie?