Look, I like Liev Shrieber. He’s got a “rough trade” quality to him. Like a guy who George Michael might be into. Or Richard Quest.

But this Ray Donovan should have been over 3 seasons ago.

Is Anyone Still Watching This Show?

Ray Donovan Season 5

I guess they are. A million people is a pretty decent audience for pay cable these days.

Wait a minute… Season 5? So this is the trailer for season 6 then. I don’t know, I stopped watching when season 2 was just like season 1. I guess I better change the title. Eh, why bother; no one is going to click on this article.

So dad Donovan is still alive and still screwing things up for the Ray and his family with his lies and manipulation?

I wonder if he faked the heart attack? You mean, wow, someone has a crazy plan in Ray Donovan and it actually works? What are the odds?!?


And it looks like everyone is still alive. Except for the wife. Well, everyone who matters is still alive. It’s nice to see Susan Sarandon still doing work and still looking fine at 65+.

But other than that I’m not sure I can take another ten episodes of triple-crosses, violence without consequences, last-second escapes and annoying female characters.

If I wanted more of that I’d just re-watch Breaking Bad. You know it’s true.

This guy was in it? I’m actually noticing a bunch of good actors in the seasons I missed. Maybe I should check it out again.