David Tennant News Here…. Read All About It

Netflix has announced a show, Culprit, that could maybe fill the void for you Line Of Duty fans.

The new series will consist of 12 episodes, three episodes per country, and the streaming site confirmed that the UK cast would star David Tennant, Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell, Youssef Kerkour and Katherine Kelly.

The entire series will be set in a police interview suite.

The official synopsis reads:

“This revolutionary procedural comprises 12 unique stories set in four different countries: France, Spain, Germany and the UK… This stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama focuses on the intense mental conflict between detectives and suspects.”

This announcement shows the main members of the cast have their mug shots taken while showing glimpses of the interrogation room.

Wait, There’s More

Tennant has also joined the cast of Channel 4’s Deadwater Fell, a crime thriller about a remote community shattered by a horrific crime. (Not Broadchurch 4!)

Deadwater Fell is about the investigation into the murder of a seemingly happy family, and how their mysterious deaths unearth deep mistrust within one seemingly close-knit Scottish village.

The official synopsis via Channel 4:

“As much as it is an exploration of the anatomy of a terrible crime, Deadwater Fell is equally a forensic dissection of two relationships – Kate and Tom, Jess and Steve. BAFTA and NTA-winning David Tennant (Broadchurch, Doctor Who, Good Omens) stars as Tom Kendrick. The local GP, a trusted, admired and much-liked member of the community. But in one night the illusions of happiness and contentment are shattered as the community is drawn to Kate and Tom’s family home in the forest by the flicker of flames and the smell of smoke.”

The series was created for Channel 4 by writer Daisy Coulam, who previously worked on Death In Paradise and Humans.

Both these shows come during quite a busy time for Tennant, he has just featured in Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens on Amazon Prime.