hey gang do you like flims? do you like lunchables? then your in the right place! im ebob junior and this… is… FLIMABLES!

i knew the flim i was gong to watch would be power full and so i needed a strong contender to go up against it for this weeks challenge. thats why i picked ham and american cracker stackers its a house hold name be cause its a winner. basically its the john cena of lunchables.

the movie ham and cheese will be taking on is MUD BOUND an oscar nominated netfix original directed by dees rees. keep an eye on this guy he has a bright future a head of him. his flim took on many hard hitting subjects like family… war… racism… mulder. so this will be a very serious flimables. no jokes.

jonathan banks as pappy

i saw some farmiliar faces in this movie. jason clarke from TERMINATOR GENESIS played henry mcallen and garret headland from TRON LEGACY was his brother jamie. mary j bilge from music. there are some other poeple in it you may or may not recognize but some day you will be cause they are full of talent like trons friend ronsel and henry mcallens wife laura

florence (mary j bilge) has a convosation with laura (carey mulligan)

the story was a bout the lives of two poor families in louisana one black and one white. they lived in small houses dong hard work for little money. the mcallan family owned a farm and the jackson family lived and worked there. both families had some one go a way to world war two and they returned home changed men. ronsel jackson came back stronger and tron came back borken.

henry mcallan taking care of business on the farm

tension was all ways high between the families on the farm but that didnt stop ronsel and tron from becoming best friends. unfortutately racism pulled them a part when tron was forced to make a terrible choice.

laura has eyes for some one who isnt her husband

once the flim was over it was time to eat. the moist was ham. the crackers were dry. the cheese was soft. cholocate chip cookies for. i dunked them in my wild cherry CARPI SUN it was good but milk works better.

FINAL PARAGRAPHthe movie was very well made. the performances were incredible. but it just wasnt very fun to watch you know what wasnt not very fun? ham and american lunchables. and thats why the third straight FLIMABLES in a row they win a gain! i hope some day poeple of different colors will be able to get a long like the ham and cheese on my cracker stackers.

jamie and ronsel have a bonding moment

keep it cool,

ebob junior