hey gang welcome back for another edition of… FLIMABLES! im ebob junior and this week we will be viewing an oscar nominated flim and eating an all time classic lunchable. which one will be lets find out!

the lunchable i chose for this weeks challenge was the turkey & american cracker stackers. its been a round along time and i wanted to see if it still holds up today. if your wondering why theres a tramformer in the picture its for the opotamus prime challenge. thats social medias newest sensation where you swallow a robot and shit out a truck.

the flim i watched was the screw ball comedy CALL ME BY YOUR NAME starring arnie hammer and timothee chamelot. its a story about a boy named elliot who doesnt like wearing shirts and the adventures he has in italy with his best friend oliver. some poeple are calling it this generations american pie. mild spoilers a head…..

oliver and elliot spend most of the movie dong alot of fun activities together like go swimming and drink arpicot juice and night wrestling. im pretty sure wrestling was their farvorite.

elliot is definitely the prankster of this dynamic duo. one time he smelled olivers boxer shorts and put them over on his head when no body was around. and another time he matsurbated in to a peach and tricked oliver in to eating it. he got you again oliver! so funny! bike rides

arnie and timothy both did great jobs in this movie. i was blown a way by their performances especially arnies. i could see why george miller wanted to be his super man. its a shame we will never get to see his justice league flim. RIP george you will be missed.

the movie was over two hours long and when it was over i was really hungry so you know what that means lunchables. it was late at night but thats ok you can eat them any time!
the fist thing i did was make the cracker stackers and they were delicious. the turkeys rubbery texture means it will take longer to chew so you can really sarvor the flarvor. this lunchable came with a bag of pacific cooler CARPI SUN.

i like to mash my pea nutbutter cups in to balls so every bite has an even distibution of chocolate and nutbutter. since this is a deluxe lunchable it also came with a free hasbro game. i got mini twister you play it by fingering it.

despite the wonder full the lead actors the movie was a disappointment. there was never any sense of suspense like will they be best friends? obviously they will. will they have fun? um of course they will. in corntrast to that every bite of my lunchable was exciting and action packed like a lunch time equivalent of THE RAID. and thats why the winner of FLIMABLES 2.0 is lunchables. youve got the lunch. YOUVE GOT THE POWER!

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keep it cool,

ebob junior