SJW’s can’t do anything right. If you listened to the podcast, you heard this but if not… well let’s talk about that moment. Oh and by the way


Sorry, I’m cranky today. 

So. In the middle of the most chaotic bonkers battle that’s ever been put on screen, somehow the women decide all at the same time to create Team Va-Jay-Jay and help Captain Marvel to get the Infinity Gauntlet to Luis’s van. (A sentence I never thought I’d ever type but these are trying times.)

This is supposed to be a big girl power moment. The whammens are going to save the day!

Go Team Boobs! 

Except they fail. Meaning Tony and the men have to finish the job, even giving up his life to do it.

So there’s your message, ladies.

Women do things for show so that people will look at them and cheer but fail spectacularly.

Men have to finish the job women fuck up because they are more worried about image than substance.  

I don’t think the Disney virtue-signaling overlords really thought this through. I would think any woman with half a brain that’s not marinating in social justice would probably be pretty damn insulted by the scene. 

Actual Scene from Endgame. Really.