Another Sunday Satire Folks!

OK, don’t hate on me for this, I am not the greatest fan of the LOTR films, (don’t even get me started on The Hobbit).

I have seen them all twice, first the theatrical releases, then the SPECIAL SUPER DUPER CUT. I thought they were OK films but didn’t get the hype they were getting. During the hysteria of ROTK, sine I had a long commute to work, I decided to actually read the three books on the GO Train ride to Downtown Toronto. I REALLY LIKED the books, then began to dislike the films.

I think that Peter Jackson had good intentions but now looking back on some of his other features, Kong and the aforementioned Hobbit trilogy (!), I began to see where he went wrong with LOTR. Not going to get into it here, I remember the rabid discussions on another site that use to be run by a (allegedly) degenerate ginger.

When asked to run this Sunday’s Satire on LOTR, I thought that this could be a fun chance to express some of my issues (film and the story in general) and perhaps entice a chuckle or two.

Without Further Adieu

Now For Some LOTR Jokes

Scene From The New WOKE Edition:

Minimalist Movie Posters