Only Now, At The End…

Tomorrow the final trailer for the last Star Wars movie to ever appear in theaters will be released and we will have to watch it.

As with the last four Disney movies, The Rise Of Skywalker will be another safe, generic mash-up of nostalgia elements and current year forced memes — including a rumored homosexual kiss — that the sick weirdos will love and we will mock.

We won’t get dark Rey clones, we won’t get Force Wraiths vs. Force Ghosts, we won’t get the self-immolation of Rose Tico over animal rights, we won’t get Boba Fett (No, no! Think of it!), we won’t get anything catshit crazy to end this disastrous run of Star Wars.

But again, we will always have the memes. These lucky few memes. 

Not a meme, but very high memetic value. Thanks to the Aldo for sending in.

“Film Goblin, an Asian-supremacist website, threatens physical violence against Star Wars director.”