How does Bruce Willis still have a film career?

Most of his movies die at the box office.

Looking at his IMDB over the last 10 years, his credits are mainly direct to video or theatrical releases that bomb at the box office. For every rare hit like Glass, there are films you never knew existed like Trauma Center and 10 Minutes Gone. If something he is in is a hit, then he probably just did a cameo in it.

It’s not like he gets work because studios need to make him happy in order to get him to agree to another Die Hard movie. A Good Day To Die Hard pretty much killed the franchise.

That being said, Willis has just been cast in a new sci-fi film titled Cosmic Sin. Deadline’s description of the project reads like it was developed using free screenwriting software.

The project will follow a group of warriors and scientists who must fight to protect and save their race when a hostile alien species with the power to infect and take over human hosts sets its sights on a futuristic human society.

The reason his films do so poorly is that he just seems lazy or like he doesn’t care as long as the check clears, which is what this new project sounds like.

But if given the chance, Willis can give a good performance and make something worth watching when he hooks himself up with a good director. Just look at Pulp Fiction, Unbreakable, or Twelve Monkeys. You can even put Death Becomes Her and The Fifth Element on that list.

But those were all a long time ago and it doesn’t appear that Cosmic Sin has any other talent worth mentioning that would encourage one to have hope for the project.