I Hate David Ayers

He’s another tryhard simpleton that does nothing but give us an absurd mirror-world vision of masculinity where being a man means looking glum, sighing, a lot of unnecessary swearing and cold-bloodedly executing people to prove just how much war — or life — is hell, maaaaaaaaaan.

In that way, he’s a lot like Tyler Sheridan, who also got his ideas about masculinity, combat and the world in general from reading Vince Flynn novels and shopping at Gander Mountain.

I think End of Watch is a good movie but that because it reflects who Ayers is: a collegey goof who really does do the Electric Slide at weddings. He’s not someone who had the least bit of exposure to the streets or being downrange; he’s probably never been in a fight in his life. This lack of real-world experience is probably what’s behind the ersatz nature of his brand of tough-guy filmmaking: insecurity. 

Now Ayers is going to ruin one of the last unmined veins of World War 2 lore, The Battle Of El Alamein, in which the Allies wrested control of North Africa from the Axis powers in a series of combined arms skirmishes.

More precisely, it’s likely going to cover the Second Battle of El Alamein where British Commonwealth forces, with the assistance of American airpower, routed German Field Marshall Rommel’s Panzer Corps. 

This will be the second tank movie from Ayers, who previously gave us the buddy-tank movie Fury, a film that made $211 million worldwide on a budget $68 million.

Currently, Ayers is working on the Shia LaBeouf vehicle Tax Collector:

David Cuevas, is a family man that works as a gangland tax collector for high ranking Los Angeles gang members. He makes collections across the city with his partner Creeper making sure people pay up or will see retaliation. An old threat returns to Los Angeles that puts everything David loves in harm’s way.

A fambly man. Well, maybe this will be more in Ayers’ wheelhouse. Personally, I can’t wait for his take on the Global War On Terrorism: