It looks like Iron Man’s death in Endgame may be short-lived.

A rumor is floating around that Robert Downey Jr. is open to returning to the MCU to play the character again.

According to Marvel Beats, Downey has laid down two very big demands in order to consider suiting up again.

First, he wants a lot of money, somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 – $100 million guaranteed. He made around $75 – $80 million for Endgame.

Second, whatever he would do next, he wants to be paired up with Tom Holland again.

If the rumor of his return sounds familiar, it should. A few months ago another rumor about him rejoining the MCU was floating around.

That rumor, which has not seen the light of day since, said that Downey would do the voice of JARVIS for an upcoming Disney+ series based on the Ironheart comic. 

Apparently the reason he is up for more Marvel is a result of Doolittle doing so little at the box office this winter and being the first bomb of the year. Though Tropic Thunder and Due Date proved that he can be in a hit without Marvel backing him up.

For now, it’s just a rumor, but once all the corona hijinks are over and Hollywood starts moving again, we should have a better idea of it it’s true or not. If they need Holland for whatever movie he is in, then it may require Marvel to sign Holland up for an additional film beyond his current contract with them.

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