Harrison Ford Will Be Almost 80 Years Old

Disney has bumped the release of Indiana Jones 5 by one year, to July 9, 2021, the studio said Tuesday. Allowing them to push out the preferred Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson in 2019, and Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent 2 now due out summer 2020.

So now we expect to hear the inevitable excuses for the delay. Although, the simple fact that the production does not yet have a script that will work.

It was only a couple weeks ago that we learned Jonathan Kasdan has come aboard Indiana Jones 5 to replace screenwriter David Koepp – who notoriously wrote Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

“It’s not the years, honey; it’s the mileage.”

This latest delay means Harrison Ford will be 79 when he appears as the Fedora-wearing archaeologist in theatres. His age has been a running theme in the films since an often-quoted exchange in the first movie, Raiders Of The Lost Ark in 1981.

Precious few details have been revealed about what director Steven Spielberg and Ford have planned for Indiana Jones 5, other than the fact that they apparently plan to embrace the character’s age.

Of course, it’s noteworthy at this stage that the whole idea of Indiana Jones 5 doesn’t inspire a ton of faith.

“It belongs in a museum!”

While Indiana Jones 5 is delayed, Spielberg has several projects to keep himself busy: a remake of musical West Side Story, a biopic of former US President Ulysses S Grant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, DC Comics movie Blackhawk and possibly even an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Talisman.