Starting tomorrow February 1st, Peter Jackson’s much celebrated World War One documentary will be opening in 500 theaters in 150 markets across North America and Canada.

This is a massive increase from the 25 markets that were originally planned, so chances are that you will have an opportunity to see the movie that our own Mr. Hunter selected as his top movie of 2018.

They Shall Not Grow Old combines restored and colorized footage with eyewitness testimonials to give us a rare glimpse of what life was like for the men who fought and died in the trenches of The Great War.

The film pays little attention to the causes of the conflict or the concerns of great nations but instead focuses on the simple day-to-day struggle to survive for the lads who took up the sword for Queen and Country only to be met with the monstrosity of modern warfare.

As a student of The First World War, I can tell you that the footage and descriptions are both inspiring and horrifying, something that has to be experienced to truly understand.

I’ve never seen or heard the level of detail that Jackson puts into this film. From preparing meals and living with rats in the trenches to gas attacks and tank rushes across No Man’s Land, you’re there, you are living it.

I can’t recommend the movie enough.

According to the Regal in my small college town, They Shall Not Grow Old is going to enjoy a standard run, which means it should be on screens until Thursday of next week.

But check your local theater to be sure so you don’t miss out.

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