Let’s talk about the greatest movie of all time. Minus a few things.

In terms of box office.

In terms of Non-Star Wars movies box office.

In terms of Non-Star Wars, Non-Other-Cameron movies’ box office.

How about Non-sci-fi movies. 

Look at the weekends on this motherfucker. Look at the drops.

How many 1s is that?


What made it the greatest non-sci-fi movie of all time?

What was the reason?

Low Dog was a great Lakota Sioux war chief who once slew 13 soldiers in hand-to-hand combat in a single battle. In the tradition of the Apache helicopter and the Washington Redskins, his spirit has returned to terrify his enemies. May he be so fortunate to slay as many shills in this lifetime as he slew soldiers in that one afternoon.