Adopt A Highway stars Ethan Hawke as a recent paroled, and quite wayward, ex-felon who discovers a live baby left in a dumpster.

Russ Millings has just been released from prison after serving 21 years for a 3rd strike conviction for possessing an ounce of marijuana. As he tries to adapt to a world he doesn’t recognize – including trying to learn how to use the internet – he finds an abandoned baby in a dumpster behind the fast food restaurant where he works as a dishwasher. Unsure of what to do, and caught between impulses of kindness and panic, Russ soon realizes this could be his chance at redemption.

Highway is brought to you by first-time director/writer Logan Marshall-Green who you may recognize from having acted in a few high profile movies like Prometheus, Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Invitation.


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My Thoughts…

It looks decent and, to be honest, I felt some pangs of long-thought dead emotions.

Damn you, Ethan Hawke, you’ve had me since Dead Poets Society.

This is to his credit though, he’s been pretty reliable over his four-decade career — Gattaca anyone? — and is ever-challenging his range, which I appreciate.
If I get roped into watching this by the missus then I will give it my attention which shouldn’t be too hard considering it’s clocking in at a lean 78 minutes.

Adopt A Highway has been available somewhere since November 1st.

Ethan Hawke in Adopt a Highway (2019)