Here’s some action! And Linda Hamilton! You remember her! And robots! And Arnold! He’s old!

Um….What exactly is it about? 

Fuck you, that’s what! Now hand over your wallet! And stop being Transphobic.

Yes, that’s what this is definitely about. The protector terminator is human. But not really. I may be reading into this but the symbolism of Sarah asking what she/he is and that she looks almost human with the Transinator replying defiantly “I am human” seems pretty obvious to me. It’s not exactly subtle. Trans people are human too even though they have completely altered their bodies! Deal with it! Now give me tax dollars. I mean buy your tickets now! Woke Fandango is waiting!

So fuck you Dark Fate. I already hate this. Christ, Linda Hamilton in para-military clothing launching rocket launchers at robots still looks more feminine than this actress. 

For what it’s worth, here you go.