The Jack Reacher films have been a mixed bag.  Back in 2012 the first movie was well received but didn’t set the box office on fire.  The second movie four years later was less well received and performed poorly.  Plans for a third movie were therefore parked.


There are 24 books and counting in the Lee Child-penned series, and they are bestsellers. So it was unlikely we had seen the last of the character onscreen in some form.

Fans have long stated the series would be better adapted on TV rather than trying to tell a novel in a single movie.  Now it seems they may get their wish.

Skydance Media President and Chief Operating Officer Jesse Sisgold was speaking at a panel and he clarified their decision to look to TV for the future of Reacher.

“We’re just being realistic about the landscape. For us, those straight down the middle, awesome action thrillers in that mid-range budget, they just seem to lend themselves to an episodic experience. It’s not the old days [of television], where you had to limit it down to a pretty low scale.”

The films were ultimately a trip for Tom Cruise. A fan of the novels, movie star, and owner of his own production house.  He was able to fulfill his own Jack Reacher fantasies.

However, in the series of books, the character is well over six foot tall, blonde and built like a cage fighter.  Will they go down this route?  What’s that Skarsgard kid from True Blood up to?