The VOID is a franchise of mixed reality entertainment, where visual and practical effects are mixed to create more realistic virtual reality. Their past projects include encounters based on Ghostbusters, Wreck-It Ralph and Star Wars, and their latest efforts involve a virtual experience taken from the Avengers franchise in the MCU.

Recruited by Shuri, sister of the Black Panther, participants don a helmet with head-mounted display, noise-canceling headphones and a haptic suit with 22 vibrators that allows the wearer to interact with, and be affected by, the virtual world.

In this Avengers game, they find themselves wearing a Wakandan made version of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, battling enemies from the Avengers’s past.

At first glance, this looks like a great deal of fun. The Avengers actors giving voice to their virtual reality counterparts amplifies the feel of actually being in a movie.

Although currently limited to the handful of locations in the United States and Canada (along with Dubai and Malaysia) where The VOID have facilities, it does seem like this would be a great way for a group of friends to spend an afternoon.

Contrary to most things that Disney involves itself with now, it appears that The VOID is also reasonably priced, costing about $40US per person for a half-hour session. For the experience of being one of the Avengers, that is pretty good value.