And we are back for round 2 of Oscar Fashion Review! Again this is for fun and this commentary is purely my own. I found these images from Buzzfeed and other fashion websites.

Let’s get this started.

Older Dapper Gents in Traditional Tuxes

Danny Glover oscar fashion Andy Serkis Oscar fashion

Patrick Stewart oscar fashion Jon Hamm oscar fashion

Danny Glover Andy Serkis Patrick Stewart Jon Hamm Nick Offerman

A traditional classic tux. Is there anything more elegant? Is there anything more classic? Classic tuxedos on classic older men. Good solid work guys!

The Velvet Suit Trend…

Armie Hammer oscar fashion

Armie Hammer

Red carpet, red suit? This suit looks like a bad James Bond suit, like from the 1970s.

Daniel Kaluuya oscar fashion

Daniel Kaluuya

The man is a good looking guy. He was in my favorite episode of Black Mirror. That said, when nominated for my first Oscar, my immediate thought isn’t “let’s wear a peanut butter colored velvet suit!” This whole outfit gets me hungry for some chocolate peanut butter cups.

Donald Glover oscar fashion

Donald Glover

So many thoughts. Pocket sized Lando is wearing a black patterned velvet suit, while holding his stomach like he’s passing a gallstone. I know that hand placement because I hold my hand in the same spot when I’m passing a gallstone. He poses like this a lot. Does he think it makes him look like a serious actor?

oscar Isaac oscar fashion

Oscar Isaac

Full disclosure: I find Oscar one of the sexiest men on the planet. He is luscious and amazing. His dance scene in Ex Machina is something I watch probably more than I should. And The Last Jedi could win zero Academy Awards and still take home the best Oscar. Mr. Isaac could wear a 1973 crushed velvet baby blue ruffle tuxedo and I’d still say “Fashion Win!” He carries this black velvet tux with all the swagger of a man with his talent should.

Sebastion Stan oscar fashion

Sebastian Stan

Speaking of crushed velvet blue tuxedos (this wasn’t even planned), dude… What the fuck man? Sebastian Stan is gifted by the gods with one of the best jawlines in cinematic history. He could literally wear a simple black tux and be a fashion win. And he wears this with a crap haircut. This hurts my heart.

Ansel Elgort oscar fashion

Ansel Elgort

Aw, honey. You’re like 12. You don’t get to walk the Oscar red carpet with that much swagger. Put on a normal tux and earn that swagger by making quality movies.

Dudes in Suits


Kumail Nanjiani oscar fashion

Kumail Nanjiani

– in a black tux


Thomas Sadoski oscar fashion Gael Garcia Bernal oscar fashion

Thomas Sadoski

– wearing white.

Gael Garcia Bernal

– wearing navy? Slate?

Dylan McDermott oscar fashion

Dylan McDermott

– in a sassy red suit.

Odds and Ends

Adam Rippon oscar fashion

Adam Rippon

I had to google this guy. Apparently he’s an Olympian. I feel like we shouldn’t have to say don’t wear a leather harness to the Oscars. I shouldn’t be able to guess your favored sexual position based on your formal leather harness you wore to the Oscars.


Winston Duke oscar fashion

Winston Duke

Damn, M’Baku looks fierce and fine.

Chadwick Boseman oscar fashion

Chadwick Boseman

Does he know he’s not really a king?