On this day in 1915, the world was delivered a baby who would go on to redefine the art of film and set an artistic standard in cinema that is nigh unmatchable to this day.

Orson Welles
I will have… two orders of unlimited salad and breadsticks.

Orson Welles is a true titan of the film industry. A true artist to his core, Welles was able to learn from the innovators of the past and evolve and adapt his technique to create something entirely new.

He is for me – more so than Hitchcock – the true innovator of the transition between the styles of early European cinema and stage to the modern American movies we all know today. Welles became such a master of his craft that he made that transition practically seamless. Watch any of his films and you will feel like you are experiencing something familiar and old, but new and bold at the same time.

There have been countless books written by far smarter cinephiles than I who can go into great detail on all aspects of the man’s talents as a director, actor, writer and financier of movies. The man was much more than just a wine peddling magician.

I mean who else could have cast Charlton Heston as a completely believable Mexican sheriff in the superb Touch Of Evil?

Orson Welles
I seem to have lost my pistola, senior.

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