An Apparent “Homage” To Agatha Christie

Not only was Rian Johnson allowed to shit all over the Star Wars franchise, Hollywood execs have been sniffing too much Colombian marching powder again lately, one of them has been coked up enough to let him loose with another budget and play roulette again with other people’s careers and livelihoods.

Were these Carrie’s last words?

To ensure he didn’t do any further damage to himself or others, Disney continues to play along with him like he still has a future.

Not only is Rian Johnson’s career heading down the toilet, Daniel Craig is dealing with the fallout of Bond 25, which I believe is now delayed because of…. yep, Rian Johnson.

Miraculously, both men find themselves quite busy at the moment. The miracle being that either has found the time to work together on an original film that has nothing to do with either franchise.

The Disney cleaning crew get a night out

Mesa Love It!

Making similar sounds as he made prior to The Last Jedi, Johnson claims he has been “an Agatha Christie nut since his teens”, drawn to her richly drawn characters and the twists and turns that drove her whodunits.  There’s the 1st red flag that Christie’s work is about to be badly abused.

For a decade, he has been framing in his mind how he would make his own murder mystery (2nd red flag), and over the summer he scripted his contemporary version of the locked-door mansion murder mystery (3rd red flag).

As for Craig, Johnson said he’s “been a huge fan” and has “always wanted to work with him… He’s an actor of extraordinary range, and we are looking forward to the fun of finding that modern detective and collaborating with Daniel on creating a new Poirot.”

He wants to make this a franchise; 4th red flag.

Is this considered being “marginalized”, Ree Ree?

This will be standard Rian Johnson crap-in-a-crimson-cup. It’s surprising Rian Johnson is still allowed to direct anything with a reasonable budget and be involved in the careers of talented individuals.

The Last Jedi destroyed the Star Wars franchise in such a way you would never have thought possible. The box office disaster of Solo confirmed it. Episode 9 could be the biggest turkey of the lot.

Rian Johnson. Who the f*** are you?