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It’s Monday so I’ll get right to the meat and hope it helps this soulless day pass a little more quickly so we can all get back to what we’re good at.

For me, it’s drinking so do me a favor and read this quickly.

Fathom Events is bringing The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration to theaters on November 14th and November 14th only.

The screening will feature six digitally restored episodes of the groundbreaking series as well as a documentary about its creator called Remembering Rod Sterling.

You can buy tickets at your local theater or the Fathom web site.

Though oft-revisited and rebooted the original series remains the high water mark for not only the series but science fiction overall.

It originally ran from 1959-1964 through 156 episodes that often used fantastic situations to comment on society at the time.

Rod Sterling, not only executive produced the entire run but also wrote or co-wrote ninety-two episodes as well as hosting and narration duties.

Fun Fact: The term “The Twilight Zone” is used by pilots when crossing the day and night sides above the world.

This guy is the man

When my crotch goblins were very young and finicky sleepers, I would put on the original series and pace until they went to sleep, then pace again when I tried to put them into their own damn bed.

Thanks to many long nights I made my way through the entire series.

There are too many episodes to pick a favorite but the 6 that are selected offer a dynamite example of the genius and creativity of the original The Twilight Zone.

“Walking Distance”

Martin Sloane, a VP of an ad agency, stops his car at a gas station when he realizes he is 1.5 miles away from Homewood, the town he grew up in. He decides to walk there and finds that he has returned to the past…

“Time Enough at Last”

Henry Bemis loves to read but he can find neither the time nor the place to enjoy his pastime. After sneaking down the vault in the bank’s basement to read and emerges to find the world destroyed. He sees a great deal of reading time ahead of him. Except for one small unintended event.

“The Invaders”

An old woman who lives alone in a ramshackle farmhouse comes face to face with alien invaders, however, the nature of the invaders is not immediately obvious.

“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”

After an unexplained occurrence happens to the residents on Maple Street, a series of events causes paranoia and pandemonium to set in, and the neighbors on Maple Street to turn against each other.

“Eye of the Beholder”

Janet Tyler is in hospital having undergone treatment to make her look normal. Her bandages will soon come off, all that to say that truth is in the eye of the beholder.

“To Serve Man”

Michael Chambers recounts recent events on Earth after the arrival of an alien spacecraft. Chambers attempts to decrypt a book the aliens left behind. The book’s title seems benign – but it’s not what they think.

The Invaders and Time Enough At Last were Sterling’s favorite episodes.

Sterling himself was ranked #1 in TV Guide’s list of the “25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends.”

The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration crosses over November 14th.

Image result for the twilight zone
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