Genie Caught Attempting To Play A Black Man!

In an unusual move, the powers that be in Hollywood decided to develop a non-superhero property – the story of Richard Williams, the father of the Tennis superstars Venus and Serena.

It actually sounds like a very interesting story – one almost custom made for adaptation by Hollywood.

Apparently, Mr. Williams overcame poverty and a shady personal history to turn his daughters into sports superstars.

Don’t get excited yet… Racist Hollywood is at it again!

Instead of casting a black man they’ve gone and cast Will Smith! I mean they might as well have cast Ryan Gosling!

One of the many re-education camps that are soon to open

Fortunately, there were a bunch of social justice warriors standing by to put a spotlight on this horrific discrimination.

Will Smith needs to check his privilege and get with the program.

I’ve written to “Dear Leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” and respectfully demanded that Mr. Smith is interred in one of the re-education camps that are being built in Nevada until he gets his head right.