I See A Lot Of Bugs In Bond’s Future

While the number of James Bond devotees is nowhere near the size of the sadly ensorcelled fanbase of Star Wars, there are a lot of opportunities to feed Bond fans the same kind of “lessons”, i.e. cultural and sexual subversion.

But first, they have to be conditioned. And part of that conditioning it to make them hungry for tiny morsels of Bond.

Thus we have a preview for a trailer:

Let’s See What We See

  • Bond stoically observing something. Probably his new ride.
  • Bond looking very dapper on a London street
  • Practical vehicle effects
  • Double Oh Period Blood
  • Not Your Mom’s Bond Girl duel-wielding
  • Practical vehicle effects
  • Caveman In Blue
  • Not Your Dad’s Aston Martin duel-wielding miniguns
  • Some kind of kabuki mask behind distortion glass… because… see… it’s all about deception, maaaaaaaaan

There will be a full trailer released on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

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