I Guess This Was Actually On TV

The quality is terrible. Blurry and pixelated in places despite claiming to be 720p.

Well, thanks to whoever recorded it.

Remember 2015?

You better, because you are one week away from either writing off Star Wars forever or getting hooked back into the franchise like you did with The Force Awakens.

What were you thinking?

Personally, I wrote off the franchise in 1999.

It’s Star Wars, you can’t make any mistakes and you definitely can’t use an 8-year-old kid as the main character.

At this point, because of the identity politics, it’s even ruined as fan fiction.

I don’t want or need to hear about war profiteering or animal rights lessons.

To paraphrase Jules Winfield:

“Hey, The Mandalorian may feel like Original Trilogy. But I’ll never know ’cause I wouldn’t watch the soapboxing motherfucker.”

Hey, maybe I’m wrong and we won’t get only incompetent and/or evil men, only “strong” and noble women, bludgeoning allusions to refugees, racism, abandoning allies, separating families, the Trumpenreich, etc.

I’m sure you guys will tell me if I’m wrong.

And at this point, you’re the only people I trust.