This Is Already Old

The first time Collider did this it was fresh and incredibly brutal.

I didn’t really laugh this time. I just noticed some phrases that true-believers and dead-enders have been using as a secret language of sorts for decades.

If you are talking to someone about Star Wars or George and they drop a reference to “small, personal films,” you know you can trust that man with your life.

Yeah, sort of flattening out the first one and the entire concept as a whole.

I kind of hope they stop doing this. I don’t want to see a Scorsese one now.

Perhaps, one day we can get a real reaction from Sheik Lucas. 

And Whills willing, some orders on who to punish for the crimes committed against The Holy Trilogy and the community of fandom bound together by ties of Canon.

The struggle will go on for 1000 years.